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A Conservatory with our films applied

Conservatory Film

Make your conservatory more comfortable with our wide range of effective and high quality window films. Designed to reduce the sun's heat by upt 82%, UV 99% and glare 95% in your conservatory.  Add window film to create a comfortable living space where you can relax.

Conservatory Film
Some glass with a frosted film

Frosted Film

Using state-of-the-art technology, we create a unique frosted film design for your property’s windows. Plus, for added convenience, we also create glass manifestations from opaque film and many other materials to prevent people from walking into the glass.

Some windows with heat control film applied

Heat Control Film

Specialising in clear and tinted heat reduction solar control window films, we ensure that the sun' heat enetring through your glass is significantly reduced by upto 82%.

Some windows with an anti glare film applied

Anti-Glare Film

Create a bright, open space in your property and allow natural daylight to flood through it without being blinded from the sun’s glare with our sought-after anti-glare window films.

windows with privacy film on

Privacy Film

Protect the valuables in your home or office by installing privacy films on your property’s windows. The film acts as an anti-theft deterrent which means that people cannot see through your windows and gives you peace of mind that your property is both secure and private

Privacy Film

We have a wide range of DIY window films to suit most glass applications available. The range of window films are available in various performances and tints, making them ideal for the home, office, conservatory or retail applications.

Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestations

Our Glass Manifestations are dots, squares, or a bespoke design for making the glass more visible to people. They help to create a contrasting visual effect that makes the glass stand out more clearly to avoid glass accidents

Energy Saving Window Film

Energy Saving Window Film

Low-E Energy Saving window film, also known as low-emissivity film, is a type of energy-saving window film that is designed to improve the energy efficiency of windows. It works in the Winter by reflecting the internal heat back into the room. Keeping you warmer in the Winter and help reduce energy bills.

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and Security Window Films

Safety and security window films are a type of film that can be applied to the surface of windows to improve their strength and resistance to impact. These films work by bonding a layer of optically clear or tinted, heavy-duty polyester to the surface of the window, which helps to hold the glass together if it is broken.

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About Us

UK Window Films Ltd, we supply and fit an assortment of premium quality window films to improve most glass related problems. Whether over-heating or glare from the sun, UV damage, privacy or glass safety and security. UK Window Films will have a solution.


As a small, independent family company with over 25 years in the window film industry we cover most of the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor all services to the needs of both our domestic and commercial customers and our excellent feedback reflects this.


Furthermore, for your peace of mind, we are a certified dealer of Solar Gard™ and Hanita™ window films and we always aim to provide quality products at the most competitive prices. With our in-house graphics department, we can digitally print and cut both coloured and frosted window films, wallpapers, and manifestations, creating that personal branding or feature. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the business, we strive to deliver a competent service that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.


If you need any advice or help about our products? Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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