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addING CONSERVATORY WINDOW FILM will REDUCE the sun's SOLAR HEAT gaIN and glare. keeping the room cool and comfortable

Relax and enjoy spending time in your conservatory in both the warmer and cooler months with our quality and effective window films. The window films that we supply reduce the solar heat gain and glare from the sun in one simple application to ensure your conservatory in cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. For further information about our conservatory roof and window films, please get in touch with our professionals in Liphook, Hampshire.

a conservatory with our films

Making Sure Your Conservatory Is Cool and Comfortable

It can be difficult to spend time in your conservatory as in the warmer months it can be too hot to sit in, and the glare from the sun in the cooler months means that it is too bright to enjoy. However, here at UK Window Films Ltd, we have a solution to this problem as we supply an assortment of quality conservatory window films that reduce solar heat gain, cut annoying glare, and reduce fading in one simple application, ensuring you can use your conservatory all year round.

DIY Window Film Instructions

All our conservatory window films are avaliable professionally installed or supplied DIY from our online shop with full instructions. Our films are easily applied directly on to your existing roof or window glass. Adding our premium conservatory window films will reject the solar heat gain by up to 82% and the sun's glare by up to 95% before it enters the room.

a conservatory with our films

Some of Our Window Films Are Carbon Negative

Carbon Negative window film means that the environmental impact required to manufacture, distribute, install, and dispose of it at the end of the films life cycle is less than the carbon reduction achieved as a result of the window films installation. Look for the Carbon-Negative logo, make an impact with our environmentally friendly films and help reduce your carbon footprint.