Achieve peace of mind that your most treasured items are protected from prying eyes with our privacy window films. Securing your valuables at home or workplace near windows and doors can be challenging during the daytime hours as blinds and curtains make the room dark and indicate to thieves that your property is empty, something police advise against. Therefore, to prevent this problem, we supply and fit quality window films to ensure your items are protected. Contact our professionals at our reputable window film company in Liphook, Hampshire, to book a consultation today.

A building with privacy film on their windows

The Solution

Applied to the existing glazing of your home or office, our neutral privacy window film makes it virtually impossible to tell from both the inside and out that a film has been applied. But, it will provide you with both privacy and security, preventing valuables in your home or office from being on show to potential thieves and onlookers.

Which Privacy Window Film Is Best for You?

Privacy can be achieved by applying a film to your existing glazing, which is ideal for the home or workplace. Privacy window film can act as an anti-theft deterrent, making it possible to obscure the view through windows from prying eyes outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into your building, keeping it light and airy with a clear view out.

Contact our dedicated team at our window film company in Liphook, Hampshire, London and the home counties to find out more about the benefits of privacy window films.

A building with privacy film on their windows

Obscuring Films

Our privacy window films are available in two types. Obscuring films (with a 'sand-blast' or 'frosted effect' appearance) prevent a clear vision from either side of the glass, giving you privacy day or night. Our most popular DIY privacy film is Clear Frost.

Daytime One-Way Privacy Film

With a virtually invisible neutral finish, this type of window film works so that during the day, it gives you a clear view out whilst protecting you and your property from onlookers outside. DIY privacy window films are available through our online shop, or we can install a film for you.

Privacy window films provide the following benefits:

Obscuring Films - P2

  • Reduced Solar Heat Gain from the Sun

  • Reduced Glare on TV & Computer

  • Carpets & Furnishings Protected from Fading

  • Harmful UV Radiation Cut by 99%; the Main Cause of Fading & Skin Cancers

  • Increased Glass Safety & Security

  • Increased Glass Insulation

  • Added Warmth during the Winter, Saving on Energy Bills

  • 12-Year Manufacturer Warranty

A building with privacy film on their windows

Safety and Security window films

Safety and security window films are a type of film that can be applied to the surface of windows to improve their strength and resistance to impact. These films work by bonding a layer of optically clear or tinted, heavy-duty polyester to the surface of the window, which helps to hold the glass together if it is broken. This can help to prevent injuries from flying glass shards, and it can also make it more difficult for intruders to gain entry to a building.


Security window films also can help to protect against forced entry by making it more difficult to break through a glass window. They can also help to protect against natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes, by holding the glass window together in the event of breaking.


Safety and security window films are also available as a combination Solar Control Safety/Security window film. A film that combines the benefits of both solar control and safety/security films. These films are designed to block a significant amount of the sun's heat, glare and UV rays from entering a building, while also providing added strength and protection against impact and forced entry.


Solar control safety and security films work by incorporating a layer of metal or metallic oxide, which provides the solar control properties, and a layer of heavy-duty polyester, which provides the safety and security properties. This allows the film to reject a significant amount of heat, glare and UV rays while also providing added strength and protection to the window. Solar Control safety security films can also add daytime privacy, protecting your property from prying eyes. Also provide fade protection on interior fabrics and furnishings.


Safety and security window films are often used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings, as well as in cars, trains, boats and airplanes. They can be applied to existing windows and are a cost-effective way to improve the overall security and safety of a building.


UK Window Films offers an installation service to most of the UK, or you can buy the Glass Manifestation from our online shop to install yourself.