Get in touch with our team for visually appealing and competitively priced frosted window films and glass manifestations. Meeting the needs of both domestic and commercial customers throughout Liphook, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas, we create unique frosted film designs for your windows to allow natural daylight to stream through your property. Please feel free to contact our experts today to discuss our range of products.

Frosted office windows

Frosted Window Film

Our computer-cut frosted patterns create an eye-catching, acid-etch or sand-blasted feature for your windows, providing instant privacy whilst still allowing the natural light to enter the room. We have an extensive range of standard patterns available and we offer a full bespoke service for an individual design or branding.

Custom Designs

Adding eye-catching bespoke graphic manifestations to your premises strengthens your brand, adds visual appeal to your office, and most importantly makes your premises safer. In addition to stocking a wide range of glass manifestation films, we can also manufacture bespoke glass manifestations for your company.

Contact our friendly team in Liphook, Hampshire, London and the home counties for additional information about our frosted window film and glass manifestations.

Frosted office windows

Glass Manifestations

Glass manifestations are usually made from frosted or coloured vinyl dots or squares applied onto the glazing to obscure vision and they are used to prevent people from walking into the glass. Our glass manifestation can be manufactured from opaque film through to coloured or digitally printed window films. Both staff and visitors moving in and around your premises may not be aware of the glazing. Collisions with unmarked glass may potentially lead to an accident or even a fatality in the workplace, costing your company time and money. Manifestations are a highly cost-effective way to make your glass safe and comply with the Building Regulations 2000. Part M states that glass entrance doors and glass screens will satisfy requirement M1 or M.

Frosted office windows

Glass Manifestations

Our Glass Manifestations are dots, squares, or a bespoke design for making the glass more visible to people. They help to create a contrasting visual effect that makes the glass stand out more clearly to avoid glass accidents. 


Made from frost etched or coloured vinyl they can be simply applied to the surface of glass windows, doors, and partitions. Providing a safer living or working environment near glass that meet legal DDA Health & Safety requirements.


Glass Manifestations can be useful in a variety of settings, including offices, shop fronts, schools, and public buildings, where the presence of glass can be a safety hazard if it is not clearly marked.


Manifestation dots or squares are typically applied in two lines such as a series of dots or lines, or a pattern, that makes it easy to see the glass and avoid collisions with it.


Glass Manifestations are also available in assorted designs such as full colour print, frosted, gradient, and geometric patterns.  Adding eye-catching bespoke designs. Window graphic manifestations which can strengthen your brand, add colour in addition to making your premises safer.

UK Window Films offers an installation service to most of the UK, or you can buy the Glass Manifestation from our online shop to install yourself.